Pipit bei Epiphanias-Recherche / Pipit doing research on Epiphanyinfo_outline
Pipit will mehr über Epiphanias wissen und macht sich schlau. / Pipit wants to find out more about Epiphany. (Illustration: EMS/Albrecht)
23. December 2016 EMSOPipit

You and Me and Epiphany

Pipit follows the traces of the festival of Epiphany

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! Hello altogether. My name is Pipit. Pipit is an Indonesian word and means sparrow. Together with my best friend Emso, I love to make new friends around the world and to discover new things. The whole year round we are busy traveling for the children's programme YOU+ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD.

It will be Christmas soon. People all around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ - yet they do it in a lot of different ways and traditions. Emso and I therefore interviewed children worldwide. We asked them how they celebrate Christmas and just imagine: some children have told us that they celebrate the birth of Jesus on 6 January and not in December. I could not believe this first. It wouldn't go out of my mind and I desperately wanted to know why they do so. So I searched the Internet, looked through books and talked to different people. And yes: I actually found out that Christmas is not over in December: We celebrate Epiphany on 6 January. The word "Epiphany" comes from the Greek language and means 'appearance'.

With excitement I told my friend Emso this news. He was excited, too. Imagine: He could not even pronounce the word Epiphany. He kept saying "Epi... Epi... Epi.... What?"

On January 6 - when the New Year almost lasts for one week - we celebrate Epiphany. But who appeared whom? This is what I found out: At the time of Jesus' birth there had been three star experts who discovered a really bright and big star at the sky. They had not seen such a phenomenal star ever before. They thought a king has been born and wanted to welcome the baby king with presents. So they set out on their journey through many countries.

At 6 January they arrived at Bethlehem. The joy was great when they found the baby Jesus. Jesus got presents from all over the world. What would you bring Jesus today?

Jesus bekam zu seiner Geburt Geschenke aus aller Welt. / For his birth, Jesus received presents from all over the world. (Illustration: EMS/Albrecht)
Geschenke zu Jesu Geburt / Presents for Jesus' Birth

For those who would like to celebrate Epiphany in children's Service: There is a booklet for Sunday Schools on the festival Epiphany. It contains nice ideas for The Service and colourful pictures on the biblical story. You find the booklet, drawing outline and the master copies here on the webpage under "Material". The booklet is available in German, English and Indonesian. More booklets on festivals will be published soon. Stay tuned! Here in our blog you will always keep updated.

Merry Christmas and a happy Epiphany,

Yours Pipit.

Pipit, the Bird

Emso’s best friend and travelling companion.

I love to discover the world and to get to know new things. It is great to make friends around the world. Tweet, tweet, tweet.
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