Woo Hyeong (Grafic: EMS/Monika Richter)info_outline
Woo Hyeong (Grafic: EMS/Monika Richter)
02. May 2018 EMSOPipit

Pipit Flies to South Korea

The New Booklet DIVERSITY

Today, we would like to introduce Woo Hyeong, a boy from South Korea, to you. He is part of our new booklet "DIVERSITY: We are the children of the world", which you can order via E-Mail. The booklet is great to work with in children's Sunday Schools around the world.

Woo Hyeong lives in Goyang City where he talked to Pipit, our bird. He told her about his friends and family, his hobbies and believes. Let's hear, what Pipit reports.

Woo Hyeong beim Backen/Woo Hyeong baking (Photo: EMS/LEE Hak Joo)
Woo Hyeong beim Backen/Woo Hyeong baking (Photo: EMS/LEE Hak Joo)

Pipit's Report

Pipit: "I just got back from my journey to South Korea where I visited Woo Hyeong. He lives in the beautiful Goyang City, with a huge park area and lots of flowers. Once a year, there is a Flower Festival and it's said that Goyang is the city of people more beautiful than flowers. Doesn't that sound beautiful?

Woo Hyeong is very welcoming and I learned so much about him. We played board games with his family, baked together and played soccer with his friends. He enjoys going to school and even revealed his favorite subjects in school to me. Did you know that Woo Hyeong wants to become a robot engineer to build robots that will help his family and country? I think that's great.

And he's told me about his faith and church, and how much he likes singing in his church's choir. I enjoyed hearing how much Woo Hyeong has in common with kids around the world but is still wonderful unique.

Unfortunatly, time passed by quickly and I had to fly away. I am happy to have won Woo Hyeong as a new friend of mine. But now it's time to visit the other children of the world and I'm curious who I'll meet!"

Pipit mit Mikro / Pipit with a mic (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)
Pipit mit Mikro / Pipit with a mic (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)

More Information

In the booklet DIVERSITY you will find many more information about Woo Hyeong. In an interview he tells us about the address of welcome in his language, about his everyday-life at school, and about his home and friends. You can order the booklet DIVERSITY via info@dont-want-spam.ems-friends.org.

Franka Hessel

Junior Coodinator of the Children's Program

I'm happy for the opportunity of working with those six wonderful children from our new booklet DIVERSITY.
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