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What is Global Learning and how can we succeed in getting to know each other worldwide - and at eye level? An international editorial team from the programme YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD will keep you up to date regarding Global Learning and the children's programme.

YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD is an educational programme for children in Children's Service and primary school. Children get to know one another worldwide. They meet at eye level in an ecumenical context. And they are open for what they share and where they differ. YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD is a programme of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity, a network of churches and mission societies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Emso, the elephant, and Pipit, the little bird, accompany the children on a journey of discovery. Together with the children, they discover different countries, cultures and religions.

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03. March2021
Ariel Kotei also attended the online church service. (Photo: Dreyer /EMS)

Reverend Rafael Dreyer is ecumenical Co-Worker of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity in Ghana, in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. He reports how an exchange between children’s groups in Ghana and Germany took place.

06. August2020
[Translate to Englisch:] Photo: Sriyanto Alwina Handayani/GKSS

Sunday School leaders and staff of the Indonesian EMS member churches met in March 2020 in Makassar, Sulawesi for a four-day Children's Service workshop with intensive exchange and forward-looking impulses.

23. July2020
Design: Monika Richter

The international team of the EMS Children's programme is currently working on a booklet upon peace for the international use in Sunday Schools internationally. It will be published at the end of the year. Stay curious!

19. June2020

The World Council of Churches focuses on children and describes how the corona pandemic is affecting children worldwide. It warns of drastic consequences for their health and education. We present the WCC declaration in the blog.

17. April2020

Dr Hyun Sun OH from South Korea is pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) and Representative for Theology and Education in Space Elizabeth near Seoul. Since October 2019 she also works for the EMS children’s programme. Find out more about…

15. August2019
Green Protocol (Picture: EMS/CSI)

The Church of South India published a Green Protocol Guideline, addressing 12 points to promote sustainable development practices within their churches and institutions.

07. August2019
Ideen für Ihren Kindergottesdienst / Ideas for Your Children's Service (Picture: EMS)

In order to strengthen international relations, the programme offers actions and booklets in different languages. Here is a brief overview…

27. June2019
EMSO beim Kirchentag /EMSO at the Church Congress (Photo: EMS)

The Church Congress in Dortmund was a great success. According to the organizers, hundreds of thousands of visitors attended. And EMSO was one of them.

26. June2019
Kinder lernen ein ghanaisches Lied/Children are learning a Ghanaian song (Photo: Heekyung Jeong/EMS)

Pastor Heekyung Jeong for YDKEM (Youn Dong Kids English Ministry) in Seoul, South Korea is using the DIVERSITY booklet in the children's worship service.

25. February2019
Ein Gottesdienst für Kinder zum Gedenken an das hundertjährige Bestehen der Bewegung vom 1. März/A Worship Service for Children in Commemoration of the Centennial of the March 1st Movement (Photo: EMS/Youndong Presbyterian Church)

Pastor Heekyung Jeong from South Korea has designed a Children's Service for the centenary of the Korean Independence Movement, which will be celebrated in all Korean churches. She is now happy to share this special service with the world.

21. February2019
Freiwillige beim Seminar in Deutschland/Volunteers at a Seminar in Germany (Photo: EMS/Hendricks)

Agnes Kübler, coordinator South-North exchange in the EYVP, gives us insights into the voluntary exchange of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS).

05. December2018
 Epiphanias 2019: Die drei Weisen/Epiphany 2019: The Three Wise Men (EMS/Gert Albrecht/Tatsuo Watanabe)

Every year the EMS offers worship materials on Epiphany. In 2019, the focus is on Japan and the artist Sadao Watanabe. Emso, the elephant, took a close look at his painting "The Three Wise Men" for the Children's Service.

12. September2018
[Translate to Englisch:] Pfarrerin Marita Fehr als Emso und Pfarrerin Katrin Klöpfel als Pipit/Pfarrerin Marita Fehr as Emso and Pfarrerin Katrin Klöpfel as Pipit (Photo:EMS/Pfarrer i.R. Fehr)

Katrin Klöpfel is pastor of the Protestant parish Herleshausen-Nesselröden and answered our questions about the children's service of her parishes in an exciting way.


20. June2018
[Translate to Englisch:] Shepherds' Symphony Trust (Foto: EMS/Solomon P. Benjamin)

Pastor Solomon P. Benjamin has visited the CSI St. Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore, India, and gives us an insight into the Shepherds’ Symphony’s bond to the song He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

15. June2018
Evelyn (Photo: EMS/Monika Richter)

Emso got a letter from India today and now he can’t wait to tell you all about his good Friend, Evelyn. In our new booklet “DIVERSITY: We are the children of the world,” you will be able to hear a lot more from her, soon.

23. May2018
EMS-Friends bei der Gesamttagung für Kindergottesdienst/EMs-Friends at the Conference for Children's Service (Photo: EMS/Regina Karasch-Böttcher)

The elephant, named Emso, excited the young and the old at the Conference for Children’s Service by the Evangelical Churches in Germany in Stuttgart from May 11th-12th, 2018. Many children shaked hands with Emso and many pictures were taken. Emso is…

02. May2018
Woo Hyeong (Grafic: EMS/Monika Richter)

Woo Hyeong, a 9-year-old boy from South Korea, introduces himself. He is part of our new booklet “DIVERSITY: We are the children of the world”.

11. April2018
Vaterunser/Lord's Prayer (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)

We are happily working on the DIVERSITY booklet which will be coming soon. But today we already want you to get a tiny inside look into the booklet.

The children in our EMS-Network are talking open-hearted about their believes and their churches. No…

22. January2018
Diversity Booklet (Illustration and Layout: EMS/Gert Albrecht/Monika Richter)

Today we would like to deliver an insight into the working process of the new booklet of the children’s programme called “DIVERSITY”. It is exciting to work with people worldwide on such a project.

01. December2017
Epiphanias Collage aus Jordanien / Epiphany Collage from Jordan (Artwork by Anwar Boulos Haddadin)

In the new children’s service about Epiphany, Emso and the children discover the feast of Epiphany. Therefore Emso travelled to Jordan und tells us what he discovered there: a wonderful artwork! Be curious!

03. November2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Die Kirche der Heimatgemeinde von Frank Fabian Daffa in Tansania. / Frank Fabian Daffas homechurch in Tansania. (Photo: EMS / Frank Fabian Daffa)

Frank Fabian Daffa was born and raised in Tanzania. Here he gives us an insight of the children's service there.

10. October2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Friedenstauben aus Südkorea. / Peace doves from South Korea. (Photo: EMS / Heekyung Jeong)

Reverend Heekyung Jeong from Southkorea gives us an insight into the children’s service in the presbyterian Youndong-Church in Seoul. The children dealt with the topic of peace and they made peace doves.

01. September2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Kinder in Sabah singen im Gottesdienst. / Children in Sabah are singing in front of the congregation. (Photo: EMS / Eric Cuadrasal)

Eric Napoleon Cuadrasal from Sabah, Malaysia was part of the South-North-Exchange of the EMS Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme (EYVP) in 2016. Today he gives us an insight of the children’s service in in his church.

13. July2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Kinder spicken in die Fenster einer Grundschule hinein. / Children peek through a primary school window. (Photo: UNESCO/ Alland Dharmawan)

An UNESCO paper named “Leaving no one behind” reveals that 263 million children are out of school. Here we give you an insight of the study.

05. July2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Kinder führen im Kindergottesdienst in Bangalore in Indien ein Musical auf. / Children's Musical in a Sunday School in Bangalore, India. (Photo: EMS / Benjamin)

Solomon P. Benjamin is pastor and Liaison Secretary for East Asia and India. Today he talks about children's service in India.

14. June2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Mega Kamase Sambo is a pastor from Toraja Church in Indonesia. / Mega Kamase Sambo ist Pfarrerin in der Toraja Kirche in Indonesien. (Photo: EMS / Corinna Waltz).

Mega Kamase Sambo from Toraja Church tells us how Sunday school in her church in Indonesia looks like.

31. May2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Vanessa Kluge und Jasmin Huttenlocher sind Kindergottesdienstmitarbeiterinnen in Heiningen, Baden- Württemberg. / Vanessa Kluge and Jasmin Huttenlocher are in charge of the children's service in Heinigen, Germany. (Photo: privat

Jasmin Huttenlocher und Vanessa Kluge are in charge of the Sunday School Service of the Swabian town called Heinigen in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg. We interviewed them for you:

18. May2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Emso freut sich auf den Kirchentag. / Emso is excited about the German Evangelical Church Assembly. (Photo: EMS / Kallenberger)

The 36th German Evangelical Church Assembly (Kirchentag) takes place in Berlin and Wittenberg from 24 to 28 May 2017. Emso, the Elephant will also be there! Come and join us!

08. May2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Herzliche Einladung zum Fest der weltweiten Kirche und Mission. / You are welcome to join the Pentecost Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. (Grafik: EMS / Monika Richter)

50 days after celebrating Easter, Christians worldwide celebrate the next festival: Pentecost. In 2017 the Lutheran Church of Württemberg, Germany hosts a very special festival on White Monday in Stuttgart: The celebration of the worldwide church and…

28. April2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Emso liebt Bananen aus fairem Handel. / Emso loves fair trade bananas. (Illustration: EMS / Gert Albrecht)

The FAIR TRADE exhibition in Stuttgart has been the first big event in public for Emso, the walk-act-elephant. Many children attended the workshop on fair trade bananas and – together with Emso – they discovered the fair and unfair elements in banana…

03. April2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Emso und das Ehepaar Röders. / Emso and his creators Mrs and Mr Roeders. (Photo: EMS / Heiligers)

Emso is now a two meter high blue puppet and is on the way for children worldwide. It took a lot of needle stitches, but finally the elephant made out of cloth has arrived in Stuttgart. Today I want to explain to you what this is all about and why.

09. March2017
[Translate to Englisch:] Spielen in Südafrika. / Playing in South Africa. (Photo: EMS/ Lohnes)

Global Learning with children is exciting and fascinating. Today we will have a look on three more basic principles that are important in the field of Global Learning.

03. February2017
Break time at the Schneller school

Global Learning with children – what exactly is this? There are six basic principles on Global Learning which are important to us in that context. Let us start with three of them.

23. December2016
Pipit bei Epiphanias-Recherche / Pipit doing research on Epiphany

Pipit, the little Bird, is curious and enquiring and she loves to get to the bottom of things. Today, she follows the traces of the festival of Epiphany.

07. December2016
Girls in India

The Elephant Emso accompanies Children on their journey worldwide. In his first blog he describes the aim of the Children´s programme of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity. Emso tells what he and Pipit the Birds have to do with the programme.

15. October
Landesbischof July und Emso/ Regional Bishop July and Emso (Photo: EMS)

The elephant Emso met Frank Otfried July, Bishop of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg, on September 14 and presented him with the new workbook DIVERSITY. Emso reports.