Ariel Kotei also attended the online church service. (Photo: Dreyer /EMS)info_outline
Ariel Kotei also attended the online church service. (Photo: Dreyer /EMS)
03. March 2021 EMSOPipit

International Online-Children's Service from Ghana to Germany

On 26th September 2021, the Shalom Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has taken part in an intercultural online children’s service. It was a two-hour virtual gathering of eight different children’s service groups with ten 10 children each of the Frankfurt area with another children’s group of the PCG congregation in Frankfurt with the topic “Ghana”. Around 15 children of the Shalom church took part and everything was displayed on a large screen, 2x3 meters on the wall. The audio system was good and it was a promising initiative.

The Frankfurt Deanery has a lively partnership with the Northern Presbytery. This time the Shalom congregation in Accra became involved because of my personal contacts to the Frankfurt Deanery and Rev. Michael Mehl, the reverend in charge of the ecumenical contacts in the deanery. The children’s service teams in the Frankfurt deanery had done this kind of online meeting for the first time because of the corona virus restrictions on large gatherings and do not know each other well.

Songs were sung by the children of the Shalom congregation and a Ghanaian folk tale was put into a biblical perspective. The children did some handicraft work with Adinkra symbols (printed symbols) and beads . This encounter can be characterized as a church service with a short sermon and some instructions on how to do the art works, some prayers and a blessing.

After the meeting a couple of the participating children’s service teams in the Frankfurt deanery and also the team of the Shalom Congregation have expressed their interest in a series of follow-up meetings in the next couple of months. They were all fascinated by the opportunity to meet online and they saw this first intercultural; encounter as a great way to broaden the horizon of the young believers and also of the teachers.

In February 2021 there had been a follow-up meeting on zoom between the childrens service groups. Also the Young People’s Guild (age group from 18 to 30) from the Shalom Congregation met up again with young adults from Frankfurt in Germany in March.

Rafael Dreyer

Reverend Rafael Dreyer is ecumenical Co-Worker of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity in Ghana.

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