Epiphanias Collage aus Jordanien / Epiphany Collage from Jordan (Artwork by Anwar Boulos Haddadin)info_outline
Epiphanias Collage aus Jordanien / Epiphany Collage from Jordan (Artwork by Anwar Boulos Haddadin)
01. December 2017 EMSOPipit

I am glad you are here!


Making friends worldwide is a vision of the EMS-children's programme YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD. For celebrating Epiphany on 6 January, the programme publishes a children's service called "I am glad you are here". It contains ideas how to work with children in Sunday school. Elephant Emso, the identification figure of the programme, tells a story about his trip to Jordan. There he discovered an interesting artwork which he photographed for the children of course. With a lot of fun and joy the children get to know Jordan and the feast of Epiphany.

An artwork from Jordan

Together with Emso the children may discover a lot of details on the collage of Epiphany. The name of the Jordanian artist is Anwar Boulos Hadadin. He created the Epiphany collage especially for the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity. There is a poster of the artwork so that the children can see all the details of the collage and may intensively deal with it. You may order the poster by writing an email to info@dont-want-spam.ems-friends.org. We are looking forward to receiving you order.

Sketch of where to stand and looking at the collage together

As usual there are a lot of interactivities in the children's service of Epiphany: The children are invited to pose like on the artwork. After doing so they may describe how they felt during the exercise and how it may felt like for the people who welcomed Jesus as a Baby and who brought him presents. An extensive list of questions concerning the artwork may be useful for the children for looking at the collage together. At the end of the service the children are invited to do their own collage.

We celebrate Jesus

Different people from all over the world are happy about Jesus' birth ant they welcome him. That is what we celebrate on Epiphany. It feels like people all over the world welcome Jesus by saying "I'm glad you are here"! For closing the service the children take each other by the hand and say to the neighbour: I'm glad you are here!

You find all the materials in German, Indonesian and English here:


I wish you a happy feast of Epiphany

Yours Anna

Anna Kallenberger

coordinator EMS FRIENDS

It is wonderful and absolutely fantastic to travel around the world with Emso and Pipit and to make new friends everywhere.
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