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Friends like Emso and Pipit: Girls in an Indian children's home. (Photo: EMS/Drescher)
07. December 2016 EMSOPipit

Hello World!

Girls and Boys are travelling with me around the world

Hello, my name is Emso. Emso, the Elephant. I'm pleased to be the first to write you a blog. Today I want to present the new EMS children's programme to you. Here girls and boys are at the centre. Children are the future, they will shape the world. That is why they are so important - and so is how they develop and, above all, how they get on with other people. And they mean a lot to a global network like EMS too.

Have you noticed anything: Emso and EMS??? :) I will take the girls and boys by the hand when we travel to other countries and get to know the children there. But, wait. I am only writing about myself. Of course, I am not alone. Pipit is coming with me. Pipit is a little bird. (Footnote: Pipit is Indonesian and means sparrow). Small but beautiful! Pipit is very brave and asks lots of clever questions. And Pipit is my best friend.

By the way: our programme is called YOU+ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD. The name is English because we work at the international level and so it can appeal to children and adults in many countries and cultures.

We would like to make friends all over the world. Our great dream is for children to get to know other children worldwide. Regardless of how different they are. Pipit and I are completely different, but we still share a lot. We get on well and are only strong together.

We want to encourage girls and boys to look over their own fence and discover how interesting and varied the world is. We are fascinated by cultures and religions. Isn't it great when we all play and stay together?

We would love you to join in, then I can go with you and your children's group. No matter whether it is in Ghana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Korea, India, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Germany, Japan or in South Africa.

Yours Emso

Emso the elephant

Pipit's best friend and travelling companion

I accompany children on their journey worldwide. You can always count on me, I am totally curious. Discovering the world with me is exciting.
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