EMSO beim Kirchentag /EMSO at the Church Congress (Photo: EMS)info_outline
EMSO beim Kirchentag /EMSO at the Church Congress (Photo: EMS)
27. June 2019 EMSOPipit

EMSO at the German Protestant Church Congress

What is the German Protestant Church Congress?

The German Protestant Church Congress (in German: Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag) takes place every two years in changing cities in Germany. On five consecutive days, hundreds of thousands of people come together to celebrate their faith. You can experience church services, concerts, events, activities and a huge community of Christians there. Everyone is invited and welcome. No matter what age, religion or origin.

EMS FRIENDS Luftballons/ EMS FRIENDS balloons (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)
EMS FRIENDS Luftballons/ EMS FRIENDS balloons (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)
EMSO (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)
EMSO (Illustration: EMS/Gert Albrecht)

"What a Confidence"

This year the Church Congress was under the motto "What a Confidence" (2 Kings 18:19) and took place in Dortmund. One area of the Kirchentag is always completely dedicated to children...and of course we could not miss it.

EMSO visited the children's area for us and made the children happy with our orange and blue balloons. In return, EMSO got endless hugs and radiant faces. Many photos were taken with EMSO, and our workbook "DIVERSITY: We Are Children of the World" was very well received by the many children's worship workers and teachers. With beautiful sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere, we enjoyed the children's center very much and are already looking forward to the next church congress in Frankfurt.

Thank you for the wonderful time and the many encounters!

Franka Hessel (Photo: EMS/Stoer)
Franka Hessel

Junior Coodinator of the Children's Program

I'm excited to discover new aspects of our beautiful world with YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD.
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