Freiwillige beim Seminar in Deutschland/Volunteers at a Seminar in Germany (Photo: EMS/Hendricks)info_outline
Freiwillige beim Seminar in Deutschland/Volunteers at a Seminar in Germany (Photo: EMS/Hendricks)
21. February 2019 EMSOPipit

Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme (EYVP) - Three questions to...

... Agnes Kübler.

1. What is the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programm (EYVP) and who can join you?

The EYVP is a learning service that offers young people between 18 and 30 years of age the opportunity to volunteer in institutions of the EMS community.

The EYVP offers volunteer exchanges in three different "directions":

The North-South exchange gives young people from Germany the opportunity to volunteer for 6 or 10 months in a church in Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

The South-North exchange enables young people from the EMS community in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to volunteer for six months in one of the German EMS member churches.

The South-South exchange is an exchange of volunteers within churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In 2017/18, for example, a volunteer from the Church of South Sulawesi, Indonesia (GKSS) worked for six months at the Elim Home, an institution for people with disabilities of the Evangelical Brotherhood in South Africa (MCSA).

The volunteers are supported and accompanied by the EYVP team and by compulsory seminars before, during and after their stay abroad.

2. What are the volunteers' current topics?

Almost all volunteers of the EYVP experience to live and work in a foreign environment for a longer period for the first time. This includes learning another language, new eating habits, lifestyles and ways of thinking. Many are amazed at different educational styles, gender roles or beliefs.

However, the longer they are in their host countries, the more often they realize how pointless generalizations are and how much they have in common despite all the differences.

3. What connects young people worldwide?

When I look at the EYVP volunteers in this way, I would say: The desire for a peaceful, more just world in which people can be open and respectful across all borders. In addition, the joy of getting to know new things, learning from and with each other, celebrating together and getting involved!

ÖFP Blog/EYVP Blog (Photo: EMS)
ÖFP Blog/EYVP Blog (Photo: EMS)

The EYVP-Volunteers' Blogs

On the EYVP Blog the North-South volunteers (unfortunately so far only those) report about their impressions, experiences and insights during their voluntary service. The reports are correspondingly varied - from everyday stories, interviews with local people, food recommendations and small reports, everything is included. Just drop by:

Agnes Kübler (Photo: EMS/Schaal)
Agnes Kübler

Coordinator South-North Exchange in the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Program (EYVP) of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity

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