Diversity Booklet (Illustration and Layout: EMS/Gert Albrecht/Monika Richter)info_outline
Diversity Booklet (Illustration and Layout: EMS/Gert Albrecht/Monika Richter)
22. January 2018 EMSOPipit

DIVERSITY - We are the children of the world

Booklet from children for children worldwide

Today we would like to deliver an insight into the working process of the new booklet of the children's programme called "DIVERSITY". It is exciting to work with people worldwide on such a project. The idea of it all came up during a conference of the advisory board of the EMS children's programme YOU+ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD. The advisory board exists of experts on the field of global learning of four different countries. The function of the advisory board is to accompany and to advise the contents of the children' s programme. It was the board's wish to establish an educational booklet for the children's service where children of the EMS community get a voice and tell other children about their lives.

Illustration: EMS / Gert Albrecht
Illustration: EMS / Gert Albrecht

Girls and boys from six countries were answering questions

Many questions had been developed and girls and boys from six countries gave answers to them. The questions were asked by someone of their own cultural environment. To get precise: In Indonesia Rev. Mega Kamase Sambo interview a boy named Dado who told about his life in a little town on the island of Sulawesi. Now we are happy to read through the wonderful answers of the children and to edit them for different units of children's service worldwide. Because of the fact that children's service is celebrated differently in Ghana, India, Indonesia, Korea and many other countries in the world, there will be a lot of creative ideas and impulses to work with the different elements in the booklet. The ideas in the booklet may therefore be adapted by everyone in her/his very own context. So children start the journey to the life of other children.

Illustration: EMS / Gert Albrecht
Illustration: EMS / Gert Albrecht

Diversity of approaches

The methods and approaches in the booklet are diverse: There is an interview of Emso the Elephant with Ernest from Ghana, Ashleigh from South Africa presents her life in pictures, Dado from Indonesia tells about his daily procedure and from the beautiful nature that surround him and so on. By introducing the children, we always rely on the motto of the children's programme: YOU and ME: The children working with the book are interrelated to the children in the booklet. So they get to know each other - even though they cannot meet in real life.

We are happy to hear about your interest in the booklet. It will be published in early summer 2018 in English, Indonesian and German. Everyone who likes is welcome to preorder now by writing a mail to info@dont-want-spam.ems-friends.org

With best wishes

Yours Annette and Anna

Anna und Annette

Coordinators of the children's programme

Working on the booklet DIVERSITY is so exciting!
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