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23. July 2020 EMSOPipit

Coming soon: New Workbook for Children's Service on Peace

Peace is a topic that concerns children and adults worldwide. But: What is peace? What does peace mean for us all personally? What does peace mean for children in different countries of the world? And: what does the Bible actually say about peace?

The international team of coordinators of the EMS Children's Programme is currently developing a didactic booklet for the international Children's Service on the topic of peace. The booklet contains theological reflections on peace as well as practical suggestions on how you can implement and deal with this topic in your children's group. Through a non-competitive game from Ghana, the children can experience that there certainly are funny games without someone losing or feeling bad or sad.

For handicrafts we offer a guide for a peace dove; the children therefore may take the memories of the Children's Service back home or give them to friends and parents. A prayer for peace from Lebanon will be part of the booklet. And of course, two figures are not to be missed: the bird Pipit and the elephant Emso! In a reading story the children learn what peace means to them and how they experience peace firsthand.

Look forward to the booklet and let peace come alive in the Children's Service in your church!

The booklet can be used for one service or for several meetings as a series. It will be published at the end of the year in German, English, Indonesian and Korean. You are more than welcome to pre-order the booklet by mail:



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We love to develop this booklte for you! Stay curious!

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