[Translate to Englisch:] Emso freut sich auf den Kirchentag. / Emso is excited about the German Evangelical Church Assembly. (Photo: EMS / Kallenberger)info_outline
[Translate to Englisch:] Emso freut sich auf den Kirchentag. / Emso is excited about the German Evangelical Church Assembly. (Photo: EMS / Kallenberger)
18. May 2017 EMSOPipit

Come and join us at the 36th German Evangelical Church Assembly in Berlin - Wittenberg

An Elephant on the The Market of Opportunities

Never ever before have I been on such a big and great event: The German Evangelical Church Assembly. I cannot sleep since days because I am so excited to travel to Berlin and to enjoy the time during the so called "Kirchentag". It is gonna be a great thing for sure! I hope I am going to meet a lot of children and also adults at the Market of Opportunities at the Exhibition Halls in Berlin.
From Thursday 25th May on, the booths on the Market will be open from 10:30 am until 18:30 pm. You will find me in hall 2.2b - the market of the Sunday School Activities in the area "Church with children". There I will linger during the daytime. So keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for me - the big blue elephant. Actually you cannot overlook me. If you find me we can take a selfie and have fun together. Of course I will have little presents for you in the pocket of my green flap trousers. As you can see: It is worth to keep an eye out for me! The motto of the Kirchentag is "YOU SEE ME" ... I am curious who will see ME :-)

What does peace mean to you? Let's draw it together!

On Friday, 26th of May, there will be a special drawing-action at the booth of the Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools (EVS): In Hall 2.1 you will find the EVS booth at I 15. Come and join the activity about PEACE: What does peace mean to YOU? You can draw that into white paper-balloons. The balloons will then be displayed at the booth of the EVS and will stay there during the rest of the Kirchentag. You are also welcome to just visit the EVS boot, have a look at them or take a picture of the little works of art.

A wooden dove - a sign of peace

All the people who are going to join the drawing activity will receive a wooden peace dove as a present. The peace doves are handmade from carpenter trainees at the Johann-Ludwig-Schneller-School in Lebanon. You can use them either as pendant for your necklace or as key chain.

PEACE LIVE LEARN is the motto of the Schneller-Schools. The pupils leatrn to live a self-dependant life and to be tolerant. And that also means to endow peace. Peace in Arabic means "Salam" - in the shape of a dove it becomes a symbol of peace twice.


I am curious and excited whom I am going to meet and shake hands with in Berlin. If you need more information about the German Evangelical Church Assembly you can have a look at www.kirchentag.de

I see you in Berlin!

Yours Emso

Emso, der Elephant

Mascot of the EMS children's programme

I am looking forward to see you in Berlin :-)
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